Beyond the Yard Scrimmages

  1. Players must meet age requirements to play in the scrimmage.
    A player’s age as of December 31 determines if they are eligible to play. Younger players can play up, but older players are not allowed to play down. As a rule of thumb, if you are eligible to play in a tournament with your travel team, you are eligible to play in the scrimmage.

    Note: While younger players can play up, they MUST be able to keep up with the pace-of-play of the game. Beyond the Yard has the right to remove a player from the field if they are playing up in a higher age division or slowing down the game's defense. If this were to happen, the player would still hit. 

  2. This is a controlled scrimmage.
    We'll pause the game on a play-by-play basis wherever we find a good point for instruction. If the game is moving too quickly we will insert runners or adjust outs to create situations for the players to work on. 
  3. We will play a full 7 inning game.
    In tournaments you're lucky if you see the plate twice per game, and if you pitch, odds are you throw only an inning or two. We want kids to experience the mental and physical energy it takes to play a full game before they get to high school.

    We'll play a full 7 inning game and go into extra innings if the game calls for it. If our 7 innings are up before our scheduled end time, we'll continue playing, giving the players more time to work on situations. If we do go into extra innings, time will be called 30 minutes after our scheduled end time. 
  4. Everyone will play a minimum of two positions and 5 innings.
    Players will see playing time at each position for a minimum of 2 innings each. We'll try our best to get everyone more time at different positions. 

    Everyone will sit the bench at some point! This is an opportunity for players to see time at positions they normally don't see work at. 
  5. Everybody hits.
    We will bat through the lineup with no offensive substitutions.