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Private Practice

Let us run your practice! This is a great opportunity for players and coaches to learn how to get the most out of practice time.

What’s included in a Private Practice?

Our instructors will work with your coaches to plan a private practice geared towards what your team needs to work on. Each practice begins with proper warm ups (this includes jog, stretch, agilities, and throwing progression); our staff will then run the practice that was planned out with your coach. Practice time runs 2.5 hours, and will happen at the location of your choosing*. We will provide any equipment necessary for drills, but players and teams will be expected to bring all of their game-day equipment (bats, gloves, catching gear, bownets, etc.).

What will we work on during practice?

We’ll get in touch with your coaches prior to practice to figure out what your team needs to work on. Examples of practice include, but are not limited to: infield and outfield fundamentals, defensive situations, or batting practice. If your team wants both defensive and offensive work, we suggest scheduling two sessions.

What can I expect to get out of a Private Practice?

Our coaching staff has over 20 years experience planning and participating in practices at the college level. We know how to get the most out of practice time, and will run your practice with the same expectations as a Division I team. Players can expect a lot of 1-on-1 instruction from our staff, and coaches are encouraged to join in on workouts and take notes and ask questions—our Private Practices are about you just as much as they are about your team!

The goal is for everyone—players, coaches, and parents—to understand the pace that is required and what is expected to run a successful practice.

How much does a Private Practice cost?

Private Practices start at $450 per team, which includes up to 10 players. There is a $45 fee for each additional player. A travel fee may be charged, depending on practice location.

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* An additional travel fee may be charged depending on the distance our instructors have to travel. Contact us for travel information.