Recruiting Videos

Basic Package Includes:

One (1) position (add $50 for pitcher)
Hitting OR slapping
Custom URL player profile
Up to four (4) updates to player profile per year
Filmed in 4k with up to 6 camera angles
Up to 3 hours film-time per recruit

Starting at $450


  • Additional Positions $50 per position
  • Hitting AND Slapping $50
  • Baserunning $30
  • Additional Fielders $50 per fielder
Recruiting Videos

Film date will be rescheduled in the case of poor weather. 3 spots remaining!

Basic Package includes one (1) position.

Pitchers require a catcher, position players require an infielder, catchers require a pitcher AND an infielder. NO PARENTS!


There is a $50 fee for each additional position.

Recruit Information



$ 225.00

$225 deposit to reserve session.
Remaining balance will be due the day of filming.

Recruiting Videos

Former UTSA Head Softball Coach Lori Cook will oversee all filming sessions and provide each player with division I college-level feedback to help them understand what types of schools will be best for their skill level.

Up to three (3) recruiting videos will be filmed at a time. Filming sessions will start in the morning and last 3–6 hours, depending on positions filmed. Filming location and exact times will be determined after booking.

Videos and profiles will be available 2–3 weeks after filming.

Deposit & Payment

A $225 deposit is required to reserve your session with the remaining balance due on the day of filming. You will receive an official invoice via email after your session is booked and confirmed. 

Player Profile

All videos include a 1-year subscription with a personalized link to your profile. Your profile link will be, and will contain your video, athletic and academic information, and schedule.

All profiles are reviewed by Lori Cook to ensure the information displayed highlights each player's strengths.

Additional Fielders

Each video requires additional fielders to throw or pitch to. Fielders must be suited up (no parents!) and able to field positions you would interact regularly with. If you cannot find a teammate to help film your video, we'll supply the positions needed for a fee of $50 per fielder. 

Pitchers require a catcher. 
Position players require at least one (1) fielder.
Catchers require a fielder AND a pitcher.

The fielder fee will be waived if the necessary positions are filled by recruits sharing the same filming session.

Travel Fees

Depending on where your film shoot is located, you may be asked to cover any travel fees.