Wiffle Ball Stack

Teework Tuesday

Work on your bat path to the ball. This drill is good for everyone! All you need is a tee and a bucket of 12 inch wiffles—balls need to be larger than the barrel of your bat for this drill to work.

Wiffle Ball Stack

Make sure you stretch out and take at least 5–10 warm up swings before doing drill work.

Beyond the Yard Wiffle Ball Stack

Coach's Tip: Line up the holes on the balls if you're having trouble getting them to stay.

Equipment: 12" wiffle balls, tee
Setup: Stack two wiffle balls on top of one another on the tee

Start from your normal stance and make contact with the bottom ball. When done correctly, the top ball will fall down and land on the tee. Work on getting good extension and pushing through the ball to drive it up the middle. Finish high. 

This is one of the most difficult drills to do consistently, but it will help your bat path to contact become more consistent. Once you get the hang of it, see how many you can get to land on the tee in a row and let us know how you do!

Make Adjustments

Having trouble making good contact with the right ball? Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you're not dropping your hands when you load and unload. 
  • Work on getting full extension and pushing through the ball before you finish your swing.
  • Don't pull your head out! Keep your eye on the ball as you swing through contact, then finish high.

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